Sattler® Retractor

Sattler® Retractor, more than just 1 system!

The „Sattler“ ® Königsee retractor system is a universally designed surgical retractor system. The system is modular in construction and can be adapted and expanded any time as desired. The selfretaining modular construction makes it efficient and optimally cost-effective to use. This can reduce operation costs so it is an investment that will soon pay for itself.


100% Made in Germany
Special items on customer request, e.g. XL-blades, special support arms
Patented clamp technology, very flat, light weight, stable
Articulating posts for a special situs adjustment in the deep
Very stable system, especially for obese people
Quick and easy to install
Optimisation of operation costs
No extensive training
Practice-oriented, simple, and quick configuration
Ideal for the most surgical areas
Good movement opportunities, maximum of space
Modular retractor systems
Electrical safety
Easy cleaning
Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2008, Guideline 93/42 EWG
Compatibility between retractors
Attachment Size
Abdominal/Rochard 3.15 MB
Thyroid 1.34 MB


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