Medizintechnik Sattler from Koenigsee is among top 3 German retractor companies

Koenigsee-Rottenbach. „At the beginning, the main specialization of the company was distribution of surgical instruments. Nowadays, Medizintechnik Sattler as a manufacturer is able to offer the complete range of surgical instruments.” This information is available at the web site of the company from Koenigsee, which is among the German top 3 of the retractor systems, as its boss Sven Sattler has stated.
The chartered engineer for mechanical engineering established the company in 1993. He and his team declared the new and further development of innovative and future-oriented instruments as a core task. These objectives will be implemented in cooperation with doctors both from clinics and private practices, as well, as in cooperation with research institutes.

Medical technicians also take part in surgical operations

Particularly notable is that, „we really take part in surgical operations “-, says managing director. The reason for this is that the retractors should be adjusted individually for the patients. Mr. Sattler was shortly before Christmas personally engaged in the operational hall in the Medinos-Clinik in Neuhaus am Rennweg.
But what actually these retractors are? The 51 years old explains it in this way: „These systems are usable for such tasks, like wound retraction or connection of external surgical instruments, light, suction instruments, and control techniques. It makes more free space for the medical personal.

Internal and external markets are keeping each other in balance

Retractor systems will be mainly implemented for lower and upper abdominal surgery, orthopedics, especially for the hip and knee prosthetics, bypass and struma surgery and also for carotid surgery and carotid stenosis.
Medical technology manufacturer based in the industry and business park of Koenigsee develops, produces and markets besides retractors also neurosurgical instruments for the spine, and rotating surgical instruments, like bone drills, bone cutter and threaders for the traumatology. The products of Medizintechnik Sattler will be equally distributed in the internal and external markets.
The company will according its managing director „start with the new products“ in 2016. The Koenigsee based managing director mentions also the flexible drillers for small and big surgical interventions, „you can drill with 45 degrees rotation around the corner“, new retractor systems for operations at the thoracic spine with approach to the surgical area from the abdomen, from the back or from the side. The emergency set for the extraction of broken screws and pins from the bone during the surgical operation belongs also to the new developments.
Sven Sattler has in his company at the time approximately 20 staff members, including external workers. According to Mr. Sattler: „for the period 2016/17 we have a good staff structure both for special products and for sales“. The company has found new distribution partners not only in China, where it represented itself successfully in Mai 2015 in Shanghai at one of the biggest medical exhibitions. Other partners are situated in Australia, Iran, Mexiko and the Baltic.
USA, Italy, France, Poland and Vietnam remain the most important markets. The business activities in Russia have been slackening during the last two years. This loss is connected especially with political situation – not least through the lack on Know-How – it was of course very painful for the company and made the reduction of manpower inevitable, notices Sattler. And the changings in the system of state granting program for the healthcare facilities had a negative impact.
The company used for this case firm-specific advantage like a counter reaction: Sattler® exists now as a registered trade mark, first of all for the implication for Sattler®retractor system. And the company from Koenigsee has increased its OEM business by 35 percent. The abbreviation OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. „We develop, produce and certify the new innovative products for Medical-enterprises around the world. These products – everything from general surgical instruments to complicated implants will be marketed under the name of some partner enterprise“,- lets us Sven Sattler know. He places expectations by the way on his new production manager Andrè Kaeding from Lichtenhain an der Bergbahn. “Kaeding approved himself through his great knowledge of the product and technology”, - his boss stresses.
At the time there are no educational trainings held by the enterprise from Koenigsee. A new generation of young professionals is quite rare, claims Sattler. But the company can not remain in this situation and offers some workshops which grant to young people the qualification of the operator for metal cutting machines. Eventually there will be a new „refreshment“ until 2018, when the company Medizintechnik Sattler will celebrate its 25th anniversary.